Controlling Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Controlling Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Controlling Your Blood Sugar Naturally Throughout The Coming Festive Season

The holiday season is one of the hardest times of the year to make certain your blood sugar level remains well managed as a diabetic.

Wherever you look there is sugar filled fudge, egg nog or carbohydrate filled stuffing. All of the major conventional Christmas foods are practically made to raise your blood sugar level. So, how do you make certain you manage it effectively?

Controlling Your Blood Sugar Naturally x

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1. Before going to a party, have a bite to eat.

If you know you’re going to a celebration or supper party, eat a low carb snack ahead of time so you’re not too hungry. You’ll be able to make smarter decisions and will not wind up consuming as much. This is particularly important for buffet style meals where you could easily wind up with plate after plate of foods that aren’t going to treat you kindly.

2. Head for the turkey and low carbohydrate side dishes.

There will certainly be lower carbohydrate options when it comes to side dishes. Try things like deviled eggs, salads (not potato or pasta, clearly), cheeses, and vegetables.
Casseroles can be excellent however can likewise be difficult. Look out for the sneaky carbs from cream soups or crunchy toppings.

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3. Think ahead and bring your favourite low calorie side dish.

If you want to ensure there’s something you enjoy eating there, bring your very own side food. The host shouldn’t find it a problem if you tell him you have to be careful, perhaps there will be another visitor there who is stressed over their blood glucose levels.

Controlling Your Blood Sugar Naturally - cakes

Controlling Your Blood Sugar Naturally – cakes

4. Be choosy with your carb laden meals.

You’re only going to eat so many carbohydrates so be fussy! If you truly desire that pumpkin pie you may have to skip some of that potato salad. Do some research on the average carbohydrate counts of popular holiday meals so you can make informed choices about what’s okay and exactly what’s too much.

5. Make sure to test frequently and don’t forget your medications!

If you’re on any diabetes medication make sure you take it as advised and at the correct times. It can be simple to get over involved in the festivities, but neglecting your medication can be disastrous.

It’s worth noting that you should be checking frequently when you’re in circumstances where your blood sugar level might go high. Even if you normally just test 2 times a day, it deserves adding another test or two to make sure you are not taking any chances with your health and can adjust your medication or diet plan to compensate if you think it’s appropriate.

Remember, controlling your blood sugar naturally is the optimum way to go.

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