Good Haemorrhoid Treatments To Consider

Despite it being an embarrassing condition, haemorrhoids are a pretty common condition, so here are some worthy Haemorrhoid Treatments To Consider.

Millions of people around the world have it. In the US alone, about 50% of the people would have experienced some form of haemorrhoids by the age of 50. Most cases can be easily treated and very rare to need surgery. This is a condition that vanishes on its own even without treatment.

Haemorrhoid Treatments To Consider
Haemorrhoid Treatments To Consider

Despite the fact that the body can heal itself over time, you may wish to offer a helping hand to speed up the healing process so that you will not be in discomfort for too long. To help you, there are several over-the counter treatment options such as creams, ointments, pads, etc. All these can be used to reduce any pain, swelling, bleeding, rawness, itching, etc.

Most of the products will have ingredients that soothe the affected area and also prevent itching and soreness. You will notice that many products contain hydro-cortisone, aloe vera and witch hazel to help soothe the area.

Another very powerful ingredient that many people do not know about is virgin coconut oil. It is extremely potent and due to its antiviral and antibacterial nature, it is highly effective for treating haemorrhoids. Many people swear by it. It is all natural and much cheaper than the creams and ointments sold.

If you have severe pain, you can consume oral medication such as acetaminophen, paracetamol or ibuprofen. You may wish to speak to a doctor before consuming any medication on your own.

Besides buying products and using them, you should change your diet. You want to eat more veggies and fruit. You should eat foods rich in fibre and which help with good bowel movement. Avoid junk food, processed food and all the unhealthy frozen meals sold in stores.

Good hygiene also helps with the healing process. Keep the anal area clean and dry. Be gentle when wiping after a bowel movement. It would be a good idea to use wet towelletes during wiping so that it’s less harsh on your raw skin. Do pat the area dry afterwards.

Always bear in mind that the healing process will be faster if the affected area is dry, clean and not constantly irritated by friction from wiping or tight clothes that chafe.

In some cases, the haemorrhoids may bleed. If the bleeding is not severe, you can treat it at home. If it’s bad and painful, you must seek medical attention immediately. Most haemorrhoids can be treated in the privacy of your home. However, you should bear in mind that all the medication and products sold can only reduce the symptoms. They do not cure haemorrhoids.

Your body will need time to heal on its own. That is why the best way to treat haemorrhoids will be to prevent them. Prevention is better than cure and the best way to do these:

• Eat clean and avoid unhealthy foods
• Exercise regularly
• Avoid sitting down for too long
• Drink enough water daily and consume adequate amounts of fibre
• Practice good hygiene at all times

If despite your best efforts, you still get haemorrhoids and they are bad, surgery may be the last option. Your doctor will explain to you the different types of procedures that will cut off blood supply to the haemorrhoids causing them to shrivel and fall off. This is the fastest relief available and the chances of a recurrence are very low.

These are the best ways to treat haemorrhoids. It may not be mind-blowing but this is not a severe problem even if it is uncomfortable. You can prevent haemorrhoids if you follow the tips given above. The lifestyle changes that you will have to make with diet and exercise may be inconvenient in the beginning, but the benefits in the long run are priceless.

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