7 Herpes Myths Exposed

7 Herpes Myths Exposed-

The Top 7 Herpes Myths Exposed – Discover the Truth!

Just like all diseases that are feared, there will often be myths and misconceptions, so here are : 7 Herpes Myths Exposed.

Herpes is no different. There is no denying that it is the most feared sexually transmitted disease all over the world. However, it is not as dangerous as many people assume it to be.

Let’s separate fact from fiction by dispelling the common myths and stigma associated with herpes.

7 Herpes Myths Exposed - Mythical Dragon

7 Herpes Myths Exposed – Mythical Dragon

Myth #1 : Herpes causes sores that take ages to heal and leave scars.

Fact: Herpes does cause cold sores to appear on the genitals or near the mouth depending on the type of virus the infected person has. The duration of the infection will depend on the person. Some people heal fast while others can take more than a month. It will depend on your immune system. Scarring is rare.

Myth #2 : Herpes causes HIV

Fact: No. It doesn’t. However, it increases your risk of getting HIV if you’re exposed to someone who has it.

Myth #3 : You can get herpes from toilet seats.

Fact: No. The virus can’t survive in the open. However, sharing of towels, toothbrushes, utensils, etc. are not recommended because bodily fluids may be transmitted through these mediums.

Myth #4 : If your partner contracts herpes, they’re cheating on you.

Fact: This is not necessarily true. The herpes virus can lie dormant in the body for years and suddenly emerge when one’s immune system is down. For example, a person involved in an accident may require surgery. Due to the trauma and surgery, the immune system will be compromised and the herpes virus will grab this opportunity and cause a flare up.

Myth #5 : Herpes is the result of sexual promiscuity.

Fact: Once again this is not necessarily true. Having many casual sexual partners will raise your risk of getting herpes. However, a person may get infected with herpes even with only one sex partner if their partner carries the herpes virus. One exposure is all that is required.

Myth #6 : Herpes sufferers can’t donate blood.

Fact: Yes, they can. People infected with herpes can donate blood unless they have infections that are on the restricted list.

Myth #7 : Your sex life is over if you have herpes.

Fact: You can still have sex even if you have herpes. You will just need to know how to manage the disease and also use condoms to mitigate the possibility of transmission.

Plus Two extra… (I’m feeling generous)

Myth #8 : Oral sex is safe and can’t transmit herpes.

Fact: Wrong. Oral herpes can be passed on to the genital region through oral sex. In fact, the number of herpes cases has sky-rocketed because more people are engaging in oral sex nowadays. The herpes virus can easily spread just by skin on skin contact.

Myth #9 : Women are more prone to herpes than men.

Fact: True. Women are 4 times more susceptible to herpes and the severity of the condition is usually higher with female sufferers.

These are some of the common myths that surround herpes. If you think you have herpes, you should consult your doctor and learn whatever you can about the disease. The better your knowledge of this disease, the better prepared you will be to deal with it.

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