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Cellulite is the clumpy, cottage cheese like bumps and ripples that appear on the surface of your skin; ladies who suffer from this problem often ask: are there any inexpensive cellulite home remedies?

Women are much more likely to have this problem. It is not life-threatening or dangerous, though it can be a source of embarrassment.

Inexpensive Cellulite Home Remedies
Inexpensive Cellulite Home Remedies – Formation of Cellulite

The cellulite appears when the underlying fat cells beneath the skin get too large and push upwards. Loose skin and weak connective tissues beneath the skin will not be able to contain the fat within the compartments under the skin.

While it may look strange, cellulite is just ordinary fat that has been unevenly distributed. Beneath the skin, there are strands of fibrous collagen tissues. These strands separate the fat cells into compartments and connect the subcutaneous layers to the skin.

When these strands are weak or the fat accumulates in excess, the skin will develop the orange peel appearance that is a cellulite calling card.

Women usually are much more prone to cellulite because their collagen pattern is vertical while with men, this pattern is criss-crossed in a diagonal pattern. Furthermore, men have thicker skin which bulge less.

The causes of cellulite are body fat, poor blood circulation and poor lymphatic circulation. By mitigating these factors, you’ll be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The first step to treating cellulite will be to lose your excess fat. Find out your ideal weight and strive to reach it. Just by reducing your body fat percentage, you will greatly reduce your cellulite. It’s just fat.

Losing weight alone is not enough. You must lose fat and not muscle mass. You should exercise often. Cellulite usually occurs on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Focus on training and firming these problem areas.

Lunges, squats, planks, etc. are excellent exercises that will tone up your legs, butt and abdomen. If you’re on Facebook, visit Emily Skye’s page and like it. She has many workouts that are perfect for women.

Inexpensive Cellulite Home Remedies
Inexpensive Cellulite Home Remedies – Comparisons

Successful weight loss heavily depends on your nutrition. You are what you eat as far as your weight is concerned. Eat healthy, wholesome foods and avoid junk food and processed foods.

You should also consume foods that improve your circulation and consume enough protein so that your body is able to produce enough collagen.

Cellulite is best treated by not only reducing the size of the fat cells but also by regenerating enough collagen to keep the skin taut and healthy.

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Improve your blood circulation by massaging your problem areas and dry brushing your skin in a circular and upwards motion. This will help to remove toxins, boost blood circulation to the fatty tissues and aid with fat loss.

Do not cross your legs, ankles and knees. This impedes blood circulation. Do not sit down for prolonged periods either. Get up at intervals and walk around to keep your blood circulating well. Avoid standing for long periods too.

If you are on medication that affects your hormones, such as birth control pills, you may wish to speak to your doctor about getting a weaker dose. High levels of oestrogen affect your cellulite adversely.

You may also consume supplements and herbs such as alfalfa, bromelain, borage oil, horsetail and coconut oil. These have been shown to have a positive effect on cellulite.

Cellulite can be reduced and diminished to the point where it is barely visible. However, you should know that there is no permanent cure to this problem. As long as you keep your body fat percentage low, your problems with cellulite will be minimal.

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