Do You Know The Foods Sabotaging Your Six Pack Ambition?

Your diet is of paramount importance when striving for your six pack, so the Foods Sabotaging Your Six Pack Ambition is crucial knowledge for you. It is much more important than your training. Of course, your training plays an important role too; but the fact is that you absolutely cannot exercise away a bad diet.

Many people, who are trying to lose weight, when faced with temptations such as a cake or an ice-cream, will mentally tell themselves, “I’ll eat this now and hit the treadmill for 30 minutes later.”

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What they fail to realize is that they negated the benefits of a 30 minute workout for something that only takes a few minutes to eat. Depending on what they ate, they may actually “owe calories”. That means their workout didn’t burn all the calories from the junk food they ate.

Foods Sabotaging Your Six Pack Ambition
Foods Sabotaging Your Six Pack Ambition

For those who are trying to get a six-pack, you don’t have the luxury of treats. Everything you eat needs to meet your macro and micro-nutrients requirements. You may have a cheat day or cheat meal every now and again, but you cannot just whack a bar of chocolate and try to burn it off with a HIIT workout as and when you feel.

The chocolate will spike your insulin levels and promote fat storage. This is counter-productive.

There are many hidden sources of fat and sugar in seemingly harmless foods. You may be eating your salads religiously and believing that you’re doing well. In reality, you might be drizzling your salads with salad dressing to give it taste. What you do not realize is that the dressing contains salt, sugar, additives, etc. These could be very fattening.

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The same applies to tomato sauce, soya sauce and in fact, most sauces. You absolutely must know what the calorie values of these foods are. Hidden calories here and there add up and affect your progress.

Even fruits can be hindering your progress. Always eat fruits in their natural form. Put them in the refrigerator because cold fruits usually taste better. The fibre will be good for you too. What you should not do is juice the fruits. Drinking fruit juice without the fibre will spike your insulin levels.

When trying for a six pack, you want your blood sugar levels to be as stable as possible.

Avoid foods that are marketed as healthy or low-fat. Forget the low-fat yoghurt or healthy cereals. You want to live by one rule… Like what the fitness guru, Jack LaLanne once said, “If man made it, don’t eat it.”

Don’t drink sodas. Don’t drink sugar-free sodas either. In fact, sugar-free sodas have been repeatedly shown to make people have carbohydrate cravings and it indirectly leads to weight gain. Science is still figuring out the very complex processes that go on in our body.
It’s not as simple as calories in and calories out. The foods that you consume will decide if you burn fat or retain it.

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Make sure you eat wholesome foods such as veggies, lean meats and fruit. Cook them in virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Throw out the hydrogenated oils that are marketed as healthy. These are extremely detrimental to health and promote weight gain.

Stay as natural as possible with your food preparation and the foods you eat. Always remember, the food you eat is either helping you or hurting you. The only question you need to ask yourself before you eat something is, “Is this hurting or helping my six pack goal?”

Deep in your heart, you will know the answer. The decision then, will be up to you. Make the right one.

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