6 Pack Abs How Long

-6 Pack Abs How Long

6 Pack Abs How Long Does It Take?

If you want 6 pack abs How Long it takes is up to you… So,If you want a brutal answer, it will be… “As long as it takes!”

What are you going to do? Quit if you don’t get it in 2 months? If you do quit, you’ll never get the coveted six pack that most men desire.

We live in an age where people expect miracles overnight. This is an age of text messaging, instant Facebook notifications, emails, remote controls, microwaves, etc. Everything needs to be instant like instant noodles.

You abs however, will take time to show up. You can’t buy them. You have to earn them with sweat and sacrifice. There is no elevator here. You have to take the steps. Literally and metaphorically.

6 Pack Abs How Long Does It Take

6 Pack Abs How Long Does It Take?

For an exact answer as to how long will it take, you will need to get a body-fat analysis done to know your body fat percentage. You can get this done at a doctor or by a personal trainer at the gym. Generally, the doctor is more reliable since they will use the skin fold calipers and calculate your body fat percentage.

Most personal trainers use handheld gadgets that shoot a mild current through your body to see how much resistance the current encounters and from there, the gadget will assess your body fat percentage. These gadgets are usually not very reliable.

Assuming that your doctor tells you that you have a body fat percentage of 22%… you are definitely overweight. That’s ok because you can always tear off the fat with exercise and a clean diet.

However, in most cases, you can expect to lose 1% of your bodyweight each week. Sometimes a little more and sometimes less… but it will usually average out to 1%. This is healthy weight loss. If you starve yourself, you will lose more weight, but you will not see your abs because your body will burn up muscle for fuel and retain fat.

So, with a caloric deficit of about 500 calories a day, you can safely lose about 1% of your bodyweight each week. The important point to note is that this bodyweight does not translate to 1% body fat loss.

The weight lost may be a combination of fat, muscle and water. The exact amounts are anybody’s guess because they vary from individual to individual.

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If 1 percent of your bodyweight is 2 pounds and you’re 24 pounds overweight, it will take you about 12 weeks or maybe longer just to reach your ideal weight. Once you reach your ideal weight, your body fat percentage may be around 12 to maybe 15 percent body fat.

You will look a lot slimmer but still not see your abs. The reason for that is that you can only see your abs if your body-fat percentage is in the single digits. Anywhere from 7% to 9% is fantastic. Many body-builders go down to 4% or 5%. This is extreme and not healthy.
A goal of about 9% is just fine. Getting to this stage may take another 4 to 6 weeks. Maybe even longer.

So, in total, you’re looking at a 18 week stretch. It could be a little more or maybe a little less, depending on the efficacy of your training and your compliancy with the diet.

Whatever the case may be, 18 weeks translates to about 4 to 5 months. This is a considerable amount of time to be training and watching your diet closely. So, dispel any illusions that you may have about getting a beach body in 4 weeks. Forget the 15 minute abs programs that the magazines mention.

Six Pack Abs How Long - Weight Lifting

Six Pack Abs How Long – Weight Lifting

All those are hype. Psych yourself up for the journey on this perilous six pack quest that most people fail to complete. Once you go in with the mindset that you will get there no matter how long it takes, you will get there… and the journey will be a tale to tell when people ask you how you got such awesome abs.

All good things come to he who waits.

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