Holiday Weight Loss Tips – Here Are 23 Ideas For Christmas

The Christmas holiday season is a fun yet busy time. You’re trying to make certain you get time with all of your friends and family. There are parties at your home, at their house, at work … and there is so much shopping to be done!

On top of it all the children are home from school and there is food and temptation EVERYWHERE.

Holiday weight loss tips - party food
Holiday weight loss tips – party food

How is anybody supposed to lose or even preserve their weight in a time that’s so hectic and filled with temptation? Everything focuses on food from the big Thanksgiving dinner to the sweet candies you hang on your Christmas tree.

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Most people are much more likely to put on weight over the festive season, however you do not have to succumb to that statistic. With some planning and a little work you can maintain your present weight or even lose a few pounds throughout the holiday season!

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It’s not going to be easy,  from Mid-October through to Mid-January we normally refer to as “the holiday season” – that’s 3 whole months,  a quarter of the year!

Sure, you need to be a little easier on yourself off and on through the holidays. Don’t skip out on all your favorite foods, however do not get off track totally. Do not invest a quarter of the year undoing all your hard work from the remainder of the year.

These 23 pointers will get you on the right track.

1. Set objectives before the holiday. Are you aiming to drop weight or simply not gain weight? That will help you decide how strict you have to be with your regimen.

Try to be specific with our objectives. “On Christmas I will certainly be the same weight as I am now.” “I’ll lose one pound a week all of the way through until January.” If you understand what your objective is you can work harder to reach it in addition you have a way to measure your development.

2. Begin early. Don’t wait until the parties and suppers start rolling, before you begin watching what you  eat and start exercising. Start establishing healthy routines now.

It’s going to be difficult if the months leading up to the holiday season have actually already been a free-for-all as far as diet plan goes you’re going to have a lot more difficulty getting on track.

3. Understand you aren’t going to be perfect. You’re going to slip up occasionally which is all right. The holidays are supposed to be enjoyable! You must be mindful, however to not stress over the constant of counting calories at every dinner or get-together. It’ll simply contribute to your tension and make it more challenging to enjoy yourself.

If you slip up and overeat, just don’t let it get the best of you. Just resolve to get back on track as soon as possible.

4. Get your exercises out of the way early in the day. If you exercise first thing in the morning you’ll burn calories and still have time to shower, prepare, and enjoy the remainder of the day.

Plus, it’ll offer you less time to make reasons to talk yourself out of it!

Holiday Weight Loss Tips - Exercise Program
Holiday Weight Loss Tips – Exercise Program

5. Do not go shopping when you are hungry. It doesn’t matter if you’re grocery shopping or gift shopping. If you’re hungry you’re more probable to make poor decisions like getting less healthy ingredients for side dishes or overeating on convenience foods or at the food court.

The last thing you want is to be picking up some toys for the kids and walk out with a bottle of wine in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other when you’re supposed to be watching your weight.

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6. Eat small snacks leading up to a big dinner. If you don’t eat anything all day you’re going to be starving when you get to the celebration and end up over-eating.

It might seem like a good idea to starve yourself so that you can have more of your favourite foods. But the truth is if you you starve yourself you end up eating way too much and spoil all the hard work you’ve already put in. Not only will you overindulge, you’ll eat much too quickly and not get the real benefit of your food.

Aclohol tip
Holiday Weight Loss Tips No.22

7. Consume lots of water. Not just is it crucial to remain hydrated however it’ll assist you feel fuller when it’s time to eat.

If you don’t like plain water, add a bit of lemon or pepper mint to it.

8. Make sure not to overdo it on the alcoholic drinks. Even a few small drinks actually contain a great deal of calories.

If you want a lower calorie option you can make your own homemade low calorie egg-nog, or instead of wine attempt a wine spritzer. There are lots of choices for low calorie mixed drinks.

9. A good walk before meals is a good idea. If you leave until after you eat you will not be in the mood! Getting a bit of a workout in, before your meal will also aid in suppressing your cravings so you’re less likely to overeat.

10. Fill up on the healthier foods first before indulging yourself with the higher calorie options. Make sure to give yourself plenty of vegetables and other lower calorie options with your meal; it will stop you from loading up on the fat producing foods.

11. Try to avoid all the usual fast foods you get during the year, stick with all the good stuff during the festive season. If you are going to do a little bit over-indulging make it count by only eating the good foods.

This includes desserts too. You you only get pumpkin pie during the holidays and it’s a much better choice than the sugar loaded apple pie you can get any time of the year from any of the fast food outlets!

Holiday Weight Loss Tips - Gifts
Holiday Weight Loss Tips – Gifts

12. If you go to a buffet style supper just take two items each time. Having a huge variety  on your plate will increase your cravings. Just go back as and when you want rather than loading up your plate with all the different  foods in sight, remember:  only in small portions of two at a time.

As an added bonus you’ll only consume what you need so it’ll be much easier to tell when you’ve had enough to eat.

13. If you don’t believe there are going to be any healthy alternatives to eat where you’re going, take some!

Try low calorie devilled eggs, a healthier version of green bean casserole, or your own veggie dip.

14. Take smaller bites. You can still enjoy your favourite foods, just not the same quantities!

15. When you feel full, Stop . Do not feel guilty or fret about insulting the host. It doesn’t matter if there is still food on your plate. When you begin to feel complete, push the plate away and be done. Do you truly wish to feel ill all night from overindulging anyway?

This one is probably the hardest for the majority of people. It’s easy to just keep eating since it tastes great. Remember your objectives and bear in mind the “holiday season” lasts nearly three months so that’s a lot of time to get in all of your favourite foods.

16. When you’re planning family activities do not just stick to just dinners and celebrations with food. Get creative and try to plan some activities! A Christmas film marathon with low calorie snacks, a craft night, snowman building contest, sledding … there are so many fantastic activities that can bring to your household besides eating.

A light snack along with by a absorbing activities is going to be a lot more unforgettable than just gorging yourself on food.

Holiday Weight Loss Tips No. 23
Holiday Weight Loss Tips No. 23

17. Do not beat yourself up. Release guilt. Anxiety can ruin all chances at losing or maintaining your weight.

The more stressed out you are the more likely you are to succumb to emotional eating. Besides, there is absolutely nothing WRONG with eating. Sense of guilt is your biggest enemy in weight management.

18. Talk! If you’re at a holiday celebration you’re going to be surrounded by family and friends. Join in discussions. Catch up with everyone, make a few jokes, and share stories.

If you’re talking you’re not eating and you’ll discover that the whole experience is more enjoyable when you take the focus off food.

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19. If you’re having a problem remaining on track, attempt writing down your objective and putting it where you’ll see it. You can put it on your fridge, on your mirror, or in your purse or wallet. Simply make sure it’s somewhere where you’ll see it.

20. Get a dieting friend! Dieting is truly hard to do alone so find a friend to join you. It can be a pal or member of the family. In fact, the more the merrier.

When possible go to parties together so you can advise each other of your goals. Talk about your development and how you are managing.

21. Reward yourself, but not with food; maybe a day out at a local spa. Set milestones and when you reach one ensure to give yourself a reward.

Don’t reward yourself with food or going out to a special restaurant. We don’t want to get into bad habits, do we! Instead, treat yourself with that new outfit you wanted, a manicure or a pedicure. Maybe a new piece of jewellery.

The holidays are definitely a time for enjoyment, however do not let them spoil your objectives for better health!

A lot of people simply give up through the festive season and think they can sort it all out come January (fat chance of that happening) – excuse the pun.

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Keep in mind, the holiday season is primarily about friends and family. Concentrate on producing happy memories.

The food is just supposed to be an accompaniment to the festivities not the point of them.

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