Please Don’t Laugh At My Weight Loss Efforts

Why do my Friends and Family laugh at my Weight Loss Efforts?

There is a dark truth about losing weight that is often not mentioned in the glossy weight loss magazines or guidebooks. In fact, most people don’t talk about it. Yet, it exists and is extremely common.

You may have witnessed this scenario or even experienced it yourself. If you’re overweight or obese and you wish to get in shape, everyone from friends to family members will say, “Yes! You should!” – “Keep going, buddy” or “You can do it!”

Laugh At My Weight Loss Efforts
Please Don’t Laugh At My Weight Loss Efforts

There will be a lot of motivation and support initially and everybody will be in your corner motivating you. So, you say “Cool! I’m going to shed this fat and be done with it!”

You start watching your calories. You eat right. You train your butt off. Your struggles are your own. Your struggle with your food cravings will be a lonely one and you will need all the will power to eat right. When you sweat and pant during the hard workouts, you will probably be alone too.

Nobody else wants to suffer or struggle with you… but that’s ok. It’s your battle and not theirs.

However, once you start losing the weight and keep getting in better shape, you will notice that the same friends and family that were on your side before are not exactly supportive now.

If you tell them that you’re going to the gym, someone may pass a remark such as, “Don’t be a gym freak” or “Don’t you have a life?”

Words to that effect that can be cutting and demoralizing. Many people who were once overweight and get their lives in order notice this happening and it can be confusing, demoralizing and depressing.

Why are they not supportive? Am I overdoing it? What’s wrong?

These are all questions that may pop up in your mind. Why wouldn’t they be happy for you? They were fine before.

The reason for this can be summarized in one sentence – the road to success is a lonely one.

You must understand human nature to understand what’s going on. When you were overweight and out of shape, your friends and supporters pitied you and their motivation was usually empty words. Deep down they didn’t really think you’d be able to do it.

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However, as you get better and succeed, your success becomes threatening to them because it shines a spotlight on their failings. Immense discipline and determination is required to achieve any worthy goal in life.

Most people wish for things but seldom have the grit and determination to bring their wishes to reality. That path to successful weight loss is littered with millions of carcasses of those who tried and failed.

People instinctively know when someone is determined and a winner. You do not need to shout from the rooftops that you are good. What you’re doing will speak so loudly that nobody will hear what you’re saying.

Since many people have tried to get in shape and failed miserably, your success will make them feel like a failure. In order to feel good about themselves, they will put you down or try to demoralize you. They may laugh at your efforts or make you seem shallow.

Never ever let them get to you. You’re a winner. A lion does not concern itself with the opinions of sheep. People who truly love you and care for you will be proud of your achievements and tell you to keep going. The rest can bite the dust.

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Keep striving towards your goal and get the body your heart desires. A fit, lean body is one of those things that money can never buy. It can only come through effort and sacrifice. Once you have reached your goal, there will be no better feeling in the world. Stay strong.

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