Pilates Reformer Exercises And Why You Want One!

So what are Pilates Reformer exercises and do you really need to buy yet more exercise equipment or is it yet another flash in the pan craze?

The Pilates reformer is probably the most popular Pilates equipment in existence. Almost all Pilates studios have these and there are even Pilates reformer classes specifically dedicated to using this contraption.

Despite the fact it was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, the reformer is a highly versatile and very effective piece of equipment that will strengthen your body and achieve all the goals that Pilates strives for.

Of course, there are many professional models on the market now and even portable ones that can be used at home.

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The reformer has a carriage, a foot-bar and adjustable springs. The carriage sits on a flat frame and is able to slide up and down. Blocks at the end of the frame prevent the carriage from sliding off. The springs that are attached to the carriage that you will sit on, will add resistance when you slide up and down the frame.

Besides these, there are long straps that are attached to the top of the frame and you can pull on them to move the carriage. All these may sound complicated but in reality, it’s a pretty simple piece of equipment to understand once you see one.

Pilates Reformer Exercises
Pilates Reformer Exercises

Should you use a Pilates Reformer?

That’s a good question. While you can do Pilates without it and just use your body as resistance, the reformer opens up a whole new world of possibilities that you would never have if you just stuck to just the mat.

The versatility of the reformer is unparalleled and you have hundreds of different moves with varying levels of difficulty. You will have the opportunity to train many different parts of your body with just one piece of equipment. The reformer is not a leg press machine that takes up a ton of space but is only good for one exercise.

No no. This is an exercise contraption that is nothing short of genius.

The pushing and pulling movements that you do with the reformer will strengthen your muscles while keeping you flexible at the same time. This will ensure that your body is in balance. This is so unlike body building where the guys get so stiff and bulked up that they have difficulties scratching their nose due to bulging biceps.

No such problems here. You will have a lithe, lean and sculpted body with constant use of Pilates reformer exercises.

The carriage on the pilates reformer is not really stable. That means you will have to engage your core muscles to control the movement and stabilize the rolling carriage. Your body is under constant tension and as a result, you get stronger.

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You will be able to find many Pilates reformer videos on YouTube or just by Googling “Pilates reformer exercises”. There are enough exercises to keep you busy for a lifetime.

Your best course of action would be to sign up for a few Pilates reformer classes where you will be guided by a trained instructor who knows what they are doing. Once you understand how the reformer works, you will know what a powerful tool it is to take your Pilates training to a whole new level.

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