Three Toning Exercise Myths – Debunked

First Let’s Eliminate Three Toning Exercise Myths, whether it’s butt toning exercises, arm toning exercises or any other type of toning exercises.

Toning workouts have been promoted over a long period of time, generally for women, as a method to highlight, promote and tone the various muscle groups without the fear of looking too bulky and overly muscly. Lots of ladies actually go for the appearance of the muscles, without the size. Weight lifting regimens have tried to cater to this demographic, only to fall short.

Since when it comes to toning exercises, there are some myths that exist out there that are concealing the facts!


Toning Exercise Myths

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Toning Exercise Myth Number One
Making use of heavier weights to exercise will produce larger muscles of greater mass.

  • For ladies, this is generally not true
  • It does hold true for guys, nonetheless. This is due to the fact that guys have more testosterone, the bodily hormone responsible for muscle development.
  • Since women do not have big amounts of testosterone, they will not produce the big muscles that guys occasionally do, unless they are taking a bodily hormone supplement.
Toning Exercise Myths
  •  In order to have toned muscles, you will need to work them out. Using heavier weights will construct muscle, however these gains will be limited by what your body is able to cope with, so do not be too concerned with developing over bulky muscles.

Toning Exercise Myths Number Two
If you do more repetitions (reps) but use less weight you will produce good toning and definition.

  • If you contract a muscle, and it is still soft to the touch, it does not mean you lack toned muscles. What is does indicate is that the soft tissue you can feel is a layer of fat that is covering your muscles.
  • If you want to highlight that defined toned look in your muscles you will have to work off that layer of fat off.  You can have all the muscles you want, however if a layer of fat is covering your muscles, you’ll never ever really see them. This is why you don’t see the individual muscles on competitors in a “Strongman Contest.” Having a layer of fat on their muscles is not a fear to them. Instead, being strong is their major focus.
  • However, if you do more reps with less weight, and your objective is muscle stamina and not muscle development, such as a long-distance runner would require, then you would follow this method of exercise. More reps with less weight promote stamina, not muscle development.

Toning Exercises Myths Number Three
Cardiovascular training will not help you to tone your muscles.

– WOW –


  • When taken at its most fundamental level, this statement holds true. Normally, cardio training is not associated with toning workouts, although it can rely on the type of fitness center you go to.
  • If we follow the premise that in order for muscles to be seen, the layer of fat between the muscles and the skin need to be worked off, we can see the significance of cardiovascular training.
  • Although weight training can burn calories and fat to a lesser extent, cardiovascular training is the only one that will offer you the chance to work at a fat-burning zone for an extended time frame. This is therefore the most efficient way to burn fat.

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So now you know! Three toning exercise myths have been resolved. If toning your muscles is your goal, you do not need to decide between lighter or heavier weights. Use weights that will challenge your muscles, and they will start to show through as your cardiovascular training gives you the shape you are looking for.


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