What are the Best Six Pack Programs available today? 

Getting a six pack requires determination, effort, sacrifice, patience and good knowledge; so what are the best six pack programs available at this time?

Best Six Pack Programs
Best Six Pack Programs

Thanks to the internet, there are several online best-sellers that are excellent for helping both men and women achieve their six pack goal with these Best Six Pack Programs shown below. These online best-sellers that are so effective that thousands of people have benefited from them.

One of the best six pack programs out there is, Mike Geary’s, “Truth About Abs”. This book has sold so many copies that Mike is a millionaire. The fact that this guide is a best-seller after so many years is testament to its efficacy.

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You absolutely can’t go wrong with it. Of course, you must understand that the guide can contain six pack gospel, but if your compliance is abysmal, you will never see your abs.

Follow the guides to the letter and your results will be nothing short of amazing.

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Another proven best six pack programs hit is, Tom Venuto’s, “Burn the Fat. Feed the Muscle.” This is an excellent guide that is almost 300 pages long. This tome contains a ton of information. The guide is focused on getting lean and ripped.

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If you’re struggling to shed the fat, this guide is what you need. Tom was a professional body-builder and he walks the talk. There is even a photo of him at 4% body fat. So, you can bet that he knows what he is talking about.

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Another extremely popular product is, [easyazon_link identifier=”B00H2EN2K2″ locale=”US” tag=”glocaszon-20″]“Six Pack Shortcuts” by Mike Chang[/easyazon_link]. This is another Mike who made a ton of money with his abs product. However, Mike Chang’s guide has been met with a lot of ridicule and negativity on YouTube because he used it as a means of marketing.

Viewers often say that there is no short-cut to a six pack and that Mike Chang is a snake oil salesman. Mike Chang made a mistake with the name for his product.

Many people take issue with the term “short-cuts” because it takes quite a while to get a six pack. They are taking the term too literally. What Mike meant when he said “short-cuts” was that he’d cut down your workout time and provide tips that are highly effective so that you could get abs in the shortest possible time.

For example, his M100 workout that may take just 7 to 9 minutes is actually an interval workout and will be far more effective than a steady state cardio workout that goes on for 45 minutes.

You will burn far more calories with the interval workout because it puts your body in fat burning mode for hours. Is this a short-cut? It most definitely is.

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There are many other online best-sellers such as Vince Delmonte’s ab guides or you may even sign up for the late Greg Plitt’s fitness website which has thousands of followers and subscribers.

Greg was one of the best fitness coaches on the planet and his body has been on more fitness magazine covers than any other fitness model ever. To stay shredded and lean throughout the year is no easy feat. Greg could do it. If you follow his advice, you could do it too.

The truth of the matter is that these products are all effective but these are just tools to help you with your six pack journey.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which guide you pick. All the ones mentioned in this article are fantastic.

What truly matters is that you follow the advice in the books and apply them.

Like Bruce Lee said,

[pullquote align=”normal”]Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do. [/pullquote]

If you do it, you will see your abs. It is inevitable.

I hope you enjoyed this article – Best Six Pack Programs – and you will share your own experiences below in the comment box and please be kind enough to click on the share button, many thanks, Natural Health Kingdom.

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