Sleepless Nights: 6 Snoring Treatments You Must Try

Discover 6 Snoring Treatments You Must Try…

[pullquote align=”normal”]Like Mark Twain said: A use has been found for everything but snoring. [/pullquote]

While mildly humorous, it is very true. There really is no use for snoring. In fact, it actually causes a whole lot of other problems. For starters, the snorer often doesn’t get a good night’s sleep because their airway is obstructed throughout the night. Their blood is not fully oxygenated and their heart pumps faster. Instead of feeling rested when they wake, they feel more exhausted and drained.

6 Snoring Treatments You Must Try
6 Snoring Treatments You Must Try – No More Sleeping on the Sofa

Spouses and partners of habitual snorers often get even less sleep than the person snoring. The snoring is so loud that it keeps them awake. This can be annoying and aggravating. There is a joke that goes, “I’ve just bought one of those things from a shop that will help my husband stop snoring at night. It’s called a gun.”

Snoring is not a health problem like herpes or cancer where you don’t have much control over it. In fact, there are several remedies that have been proven to reduce or even stop snoring. Millions of people have stopped their snoring using common methods.

This article will show you 6 such methods that you can use to put an end to this noisy problem.

1. Breathing Exercises

Most people don’t think of this as a method of treatment and instead seek the usual commercial aids sold on the market. You should give breathing exercises a try and see if they work for you. This will be better in the long run since you won’t be dependent on any snoring aids to handle the problem.

Usually, throat obstructions occur due to a badly positioned jaw, a tense throat or a stuffy nose. Practice deep breathing and see if you can relax the muscles in the throat to the point where you can breathe comfortably and smoothly.

2. Decongestants

People suffering from colds, flu, sinusitis, etc. may have a congested nose which causes them to snore. Usually a blocked nose will make the person breathe through the mouth and this will trigger snoring. Use a decongestant to ease your nasal congestion and prevent snoring.

3. Allergy Medications

Certain allergies such as hay fever may cause colds or a blocked sinus. As mentioned in the earlier point, this will cause snoring. See a doctor and use allergy medication to prevent reactions to allergens.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

As painful as this sounds, overweight and obese people are more prone to snoring because the excess fat on their neck puts pressure on their airway. Observe a sensible, clean diet and exercise regularly. This will help you lose weight and alleviate the snoring problem.

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5. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking is detrimental to your health and affects the tissues at the back of your throat. This causes snoring. Alcohol relaxes your throat muscles too much and they collapse backward into your airway causing you to snore. Avoid both and your snoring condition will diminish.

6. Change Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your side will prevent snoring. So does sleeping on your stomach. You are most likely to snore if you lie on your back.

There may be other reasons why you snore. Enlarged adenoids, tonsils or sleep apnea are all possible causes and the best person to do a diagnosis will be your doctor. So, make an appointment and get it checked. You definitely can reduce your snoring or put an end to it permanently if you look for a remedy that works for you.

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