What Do You Think, Can Fat and Beauty Go Together?

There is a movement going around the world right now trying to get people to not be judgemental or look down on overweight or obese people, So Can Fat And Beauty Go Together. There is even a term for it.

It’s called: [pullquote align=”normal”]Fat Shaming [/pullquote]

Fat people do not want to be called fat. They still wish to be perceived as human beings of value who can contribute to society. Many surveys and studies have shown that being overweight affects your chances of getting a job, a life partner, etc.

Lucrative opportunities can be missed just because you are hauling a few extra pounds too many. Is it fair? Can you be fat and beautiful?

Can Fat And Beauty Go Together
Can Fat And Beauty Go Together?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. No matter how many commercials you see that use plus sized women, there is a stigma that is attached to being overweight. What really matters is how you see yourself.

The media is extremely convincing and pervasive. By constantly using actresses who are slim and gorgeous, it has propagated the idea that slim is beautiful. As hard as you may try to dispel this idea, you are merely trying to climb an uphill water slide that is also greased on the edges.

It is next to impossible to change public perception so fast. You would have better results by trying to change yourself.

Women who ask themselves whether they can be fat and beautiful, secretly desire to be slim. At least, the large majority of them do. So why are they short-changing themselves? Why are they resigning themselves to a life of being fat with no light at the end of the tunnel?

In most cases, they assume that they just can’t lose weight and their bodies are determined by their genetics. That means the state of their body is out of their control.

This is totally wrong. It is true that there are some people who are unable to lose weight due to certain health abnormalities. However, this is a minuscule minority and that means you’re probably not a part of it.

Most overweight people are the result of poor food choices, a sedentary lifestyle and a lackadaisical attitude towards their health and fitness.

If you’ve watched the reality TV series “Survivor”, you’d have noticed that in 30 seasons, every contestant who gets on the show loses weight dramatically in 39 days. It doesn’t matter if they’re fat or slim or muscular. Everybody loses weight.

The reason for this is the lack of food and the extreme physicality of the game. In other words, lower calorie intake and higher calorie expenditure. These are the cornerstones of successful fat loss.

Of course, this is not a healthy way to lose weight but the point here is that weight can be lost by most people, if they are in a situation that promotes it.

Yes, you can be fat and beautiful. You can also be slim and beautiful. It’s up to you and what your heart desires. Ultimately, it all depends on how you see yourself.

What truly matters is that you must be honest with yourself. If deep down in your heart of hearts, you secretly wish to be slim and attractive so that you turn the men’s heads, then you should not settle and console yourself that it’s okay to be overweight.

Forget the hype and debate about getting people to view overweight people as attractive. Instead, cut your calories, eat right and engage in a good exercise regimen. As you lose the pounds, you will feel a sense of happiness and pride that will motivate you to keep going.

Don’t give up and also make sure that you know what you are doing. Running in circles will not make you lose pounds. You must have a good plan and work it. There are tons of weight loss guides online. Find a good one, get it and follow it to the letter.

You will lose the weight over time. Don’t worry how long it will take. The time is going to pass anyway. What matters is that you do something that your future self will thank your current self for.

You will never need to ask yourself if you can be fat and beautiful, if you’re slim. This is not a question you want to have. Do whatever it takes to live a confident and happy life and good luck.

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