Lose Weight in time For Christmas

Lose Weight in time For Christmas

I want to Lose Weight in Time for Christmas?

As we approach December, weight conscious people start worrying about the potential weight they are likely to gain over the coming holiday period.

This is such a common question on the run-up to the holidays. We all want to look good so we’re wondering how much weight we can lose before the holiday season is upon us. It might be a Christmas Eve party with friends, Christmas with the family, or a big New Years party.

Lose Weight in time For Christmas 2

Lose Weight in time For Christmas

It’s unsafe to go on a crash diet to try to lose as much as you can before a particular date. Crash diets can lead to a lot of health complications and will make it so much harder to continue losing weight after.

Focus on what a healthy amount of weight loss should be, instead!

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It’s generally accepted that it’s not healthy to lose more than 2 pounds per week. If you’re losing more than two pounds a week there is a chance you’re exercising too much or eating too little. That’s not a good thing, even if you lose weight faster.

If you want to lose weight in time for Christmas, remember:

Slow weight loss is far more likely to stick without you having to worry too much about it returning.

That being said, the nearer you are to your ideal weight the more slowly you should be losing weight if you’re looking for permanent weight loss.

Why? Because you should be working towards long term healthy habits, not the quick results of a crash diet. If you lose two pounds a week and then hit your goal weight and go back to your “regular” eating habits then you’re going to gain back everything you lost (and maybe more).

Lose Weight in Time for Christmas

So, if you’re five to ten pounds overweight you should only be aiming to lose half a pound to a pound a week.

So, sit down and work it out. Is your party a month away? You could lose anywhere from 2-8 pounds during that time depending on how hard you push yourself.

It’s important to remember that it is the holiday season. Temptations are everywhere and fully avoiding them is just going to make you enjoy the holidays less and increase your chances of binge eating or “cheating”.

To make things easier on yourself, start working on your weight loss as soon as possible.

Instead of waiting until a few weeks before the festive season, get started right away. Start out making small changes like healthier food choices, smaller portions, or getting more activity during your day. Make the transition easier so when the holidays do come around you’re already a adept at this whole losing weight thing!

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