Do You Understand Why Probiotics Important Good Bacteria is Essential for Optimal Health?

We all need the benefits of probiotics important good bacteria, inside our digestion system.

We’ve been talking a lot about how to get nutrients from your food instead of taking a supplement. For example, you can eat sweet potatoes to get your vitamin A. You can eat kale to get a full day’s vitamin C. And you can eat red meat to get your vitamin B. But what about probiotics? How do you get these good gut bacteria without taking a supplement?

What Are Probiotics?

Your digestive system has trillions of bacteria. The vast majority of these bacteria are good, but there are also bad bacteria present. The good bacteria facilitate digestion. They also help keep the bad bacteria under control. If the good bacteria are damaged, the bad bacteria can take over. This can cause illness, discomfort, and inflammation. Probiotics is the name that’s assigned to the healthy live bacteria that live in your digestive system.

Probiotics Important Good Bacteria
Probiotics Important Good Bacteria For Digestion

You can take probiotic supplements. They come in capsule form or liquid form. However, you can also get them from your food. The following foods are great sources of probiotics:

  • Yoghurt – Look for yogurt that is low in sugar and high in protein. Greek yogurt is a good example. Dress it up with berries to add more nutrients to this tasty snack.
  • Miso – Miso is made from fermented rye, beans, rice or barley. It’s salty and rich. Add a bit of miso to hot water and enjoy a healthy snack that’s also great for your digestion.
  • Sauerkraut – Made from fermented cabbage, sauerkraut has live bacteria and is also packed with vitamins B, A, E and C.
  • Kimchi – Kimchi is another fermented food made from cabbage. It’s spicy and it’s also a good source of beta-carotene, calcium, iron and vitamins A, C, B1 and B2.

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Also consider, tempeh, pickles, kombucha, and kefir. You can easily integrate probiotic-rich foods into your diet. Yoghurt makes it easy, but also consider varying your diet so you get a diverse source of probiotics.

Next time: well talk about how to get enough calcium in your diet.

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