List of Common Food Allergies

List of Common Food Allergies 1

We have compiled a List of Common Food Allergies for your information

This list of common food allergies will be well known to you, but not always completely understood.

Many of us have bad reactions to certain foods. They make us ill or create serious digestive problems. Nevertheless, some individuals have more extreme allergies to different foods which are far less typical and they need to be vigilant at all times to safeguard their health.

- List of Common Food Allergies -

List of Common Food Allergies

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Below is a list of common food allergies, these are five of the more typical food products individuals can be allergic to.

green check small1. Nuts

List of Common Food Allergies

List of Common Food Allergies

While nut allergic reactions are not the most common food allergy, they are frequently the most well known since they are the most severe.

Individuals with serious nut allergies should be very cautious since they will frequently respond badly not just to nuts, they will also have to be careful about foods that have been prepared in the same working environment as nuts.

They can react to really small amounts and can even have reactions from nut residue picked up from other people.

Unlike lots of other common food allergies, children do not typically outgrow their nut allergies and need to continue to be alert about what they consume for their entire lives.

While most individuals associate nut allergic reactions with peanuts, you can be adverse to other nuts also; nevertheless, because of how the allergens vary, people who allergic to one kind of nut are frequently not allergic to others. Basically, not all nut allergies are created equal.

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green check small2. Milk

List of Common Food Allergies - Milk


When most people think of a milk allergy, they are in fact thinking of lactose intolerance.

While we frequently think of these two synonymously, lactose intolerance isn’t really an allergy; it simply means that your body can’t correctly absorb milk, so you feel quite poorly in your stomach.

A true allergy is typically far more hazardous.

Milk allergies usually happen amongst children and are outgrown by the time they reach adulthood.

Individuals with allergies can sometimes consume soy products; however, you should beware due of  the fact that many people can be allergic to soy too.


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green check small3. Eggs

List of Common Food Allergies - Eggs


This is another allergic reaction common amongst kids that typically disappears when they get older.

Fortunately there is a product on the market called egg replacer that can be utilized as a substitute. You can’t use it like regular eggs, however you can use it in a lot of baking dishes to accomplish a similar structure and taste without fear of allergic reaction.

It is a powder, so you can play with it a bit and add other ingredients, however with a little effort, it can make a great alternative.

green check small4. Fish/Shellfish

List of common Food Allergies - Fish


Similar to allergies with peanuts and various other nuts, a lot of individuals aren’t allergic to both fish and shellfish.

However, if you are allergic to one kind of shellfish, it’s fairly typical to be adverse to most shellfish and sometimes even all types of shellfish.

This is another allergy that many individuals don’t grow out of, so you will have to exercise caution your whole life.

green check small5. Wheat

List of Common Food Allergies - Wheat


This is actually a fairly usual allergy and can affect up to 6 percent of children under three.

This is typically confused with a condition called celiac/coeliac illness, where somebody can not digest wheat and various other types of gluten, however that is not a true allergy.

While there are many foods that you should stay away from since wheat is a usual ingredient, the majority of individuals with wheat allergies can just replace the wheat with an additional grain to stay clear of a reaction.


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